Postcard as a METHOD

So! After days of preparation, postcards for pilot field work are ready now.   I have prepared two kinds of postcards: one is normal pictorial postcards as we see in any souvenir shop, and the other is customized. There are 20 postcards for each kind (well, the customized one has 24 of its kind, because of the print shop owner’s kindness XD ).


Pictorial postcard

Pictorial postcard


This is a two sides pictorial postcard. The pictorial side is kept as it is; while I put a questionnaire and my post address.   There are several questions about the authenticity of souvenirs, and the questionnaire is tailored for tourists, who have limited time on the spot and I hope they can finish the questionnaire when they have time (e.g. in the bus or in their hotel rooms), and then they can send it back to me any time they feel like.


The second set of my postcards are customized.


Customised postcards: text only

Customised postcards: text only


In the second kind of postcard, there is no picture and I moved the post address to the front, making it possible to have space for another question on the back.  Comparing to the pictorial ones, the text only postcards are simpler and plainer. Maybe its simplicity and plaining will make the tourist want to keep them less, so I will have a better returning rate.


two different sets

two different sets



We will see how it works out in the field!  🙂

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