On Chinese people buying London souvenirs which are actually made in China

Been thinking about saving money recently, and got a post box money box in a gift shop / souvenir shop after the Landscape Surgery today.


It is a lovely money box, representing part of my life in London: saving money and will get the money ‘posted’ to somewhere when I need them.  This thought looks cool, right? 🙂

I wanted a money box, as well as a souvenir from London, so I bought it in the central London, in the gift shop at the corner where Tottenham Court Road meets Oxford Street.  But  I found this at the bottom of the money box:


It is ‘made in China’.

It is unavoidable that many crafts are made in China and transported to London, and many of these crafts are sold in the souvenir shops.  So what do you think of Chinese people buying London souvenirs which are actually made in China? Is it as stupid as it sounds like?

First of all, it needs to be defined what is a ‘souvenir’, and why people want to buy it.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, a souvenir is ‘a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event’ (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/souvenir, accessed 28/11/2013).

(To be continued…)

Five kinds of unusual London Souvenirs

1. Tourist Bus Teapot / Telephone Box Teapot

A city’s tourist souvenirs are representations for the city. There are some interesting souvenirs for London. These souvenirs can be practically useful, by making them into our daily things, e.g. the Tourist Bus Teapot or the Telephone Box Teapot. They appear as things we can use in our everyday life, but how many tourists will use their ‘precious’ (mentally and literally – some souvenirs can be very expensive as well)  teapots to make tea is a thing I am not sure about.



2. The Scent of Departure Eau de Toilette LHR

Souvenirs from airports/ big stations (mainly non-places) is a unique area to explore in Souvenir Geographies and Cultural Geographies.

Perfumes as souvenirs mix the sense and the scent of the place/or situation (although the ‘scent’ of a place is a imaged one – we don’t know the scent of an airport, do we?)


3. Wills and Kate ashtray

Well, I will interpret this as a ‘cultural’ souvenir. We don’t have a Royal Family in my country, so it is new and something can be picked up as a unique element if I were travelling to London.


4. Tube map ladies’ thong

Tourists are looking for unique elements to take away home, but sometimes these unique elements are combined with more unique basement/material/foundation/holder…….


Some times these more unique basement/material/foundation/holder can be out of control………

5. Crown Jewels condoms…




Picture Source: Google image.